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The history of surgery development cab be divided into two periods:

  • Cut-0ff surgery when the damaged organ is removed (Appendectomy, Enucleating of the eye, ect.)

  • Technical surgery, when different mechanical equipment or chemical instruments are used to repair the organ (Laser, Intraocular lens.Vitreo-retinal surgery, ect.)

Mechanical approaches in contemporary surgery have achieved its highest level, but the regenerative aspects of surgery are not well developed. Most surgeons believe that, tissues of adults cannot regenerate and only scarring takes place.
Nevertheless, in future such advances in surgery that will stimulate the regeneration of different natural tissues of the patients are to be developed. The regenerative surgery will give new opportunities to treat patients, who are seemed to be incurable at present.
Thirty years ago, in Ufa (Russia) a group of scientists was set up to start basic scientific research with the purpose to create the biomaterial with the property to stimulate natural tissue regeneration.

It looks several years to elaborate this kind of the biomaterials by the above mentioned group of scientists. Experimental and clinical investigation has shown that, this biomaterial can prevent scarring and stimulate regeneration of natural recipient tissues. This biomaterial was named “Alloplant”. Due to the policy of former Soviet Union, the Alloplant was used for military purposes as a valuable medicine. Only after the breakdown of Soviet Union, appeared a possibility of the information free exchange.

Thus , in spite of the long term investigation and application it , it was only recently that the information about Alloplant surgery began to reach western and eastern countries of the world. For the last thirty years , Russia has accumulated big experience of Alloplant biomaterial usage in surgery. More than 150 Russian hospitals apply Alloplant biomaterial in practice and about one and half million Alloplant operation have already been performed.

During this period , some kind of Alloplant biomaterial for the stimulation of the regeneration of dense, loose , epithelial, corneal and vascular tissues were developed by these scientists. Operation which were first performed in ophthalmic and plastic surgery are being introduced lately in other fields of surgery like abdominal surgery, proctology surgery, thoracosurgery, ect.

With the purpose of further development and implementation of the Alloplant into clinical practice , the Russian eye and plastic surgery center was established by the Health Ministry of Russia .

Alloplant application:

  • Plastic surgery
  • Ophthalmosurgery in short
  • Maxillofacial surgery
  • Oculoplastic surgery
  • Sclera reinforcement in progressive myopia
  • Surgical treatment of the Retinitis pimentos’
  • Diabetic retinopathy
  • Senile macular degeneration


Alloplant regenerative surgery is the surgery directed to stimulate normal natural recipient tissues growth. This type of surgery gives a new opportunity to treat patients with various pathologies.


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